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Updating your existing KEY5 program to KEY5 2015

(Nov. 11, 2015 version which includes the Interactive Web Publishing feature.)

If you have already purchased KEY5 within the past five years, you are entitled to a free update:

  1. Important: You must uninstall your existing KEY or MacKEY software if you plan to update it through the downloaded key54u.exe or MacKEY54u.dmg. You may be required to provide your old license number.
  2. Exit KEY / MacKEY if it is running on your system.
  3. Download and save the key54u.exe or MacKEY54u.dmg file and double-click on its icon to start the update process.
Click here to download the KEY5 update file key54u.exe (Nov. 11, 2015). An updated Chinese-English dictionary is included in this download.

Click here to download the MacKEY5 update file MacKEY54u.dmg (Nov. 11, 2015). An updated Chinese-English dictionary and Text To Speech module are included in this download.

Upgrading a Site License Installation from KEY 4.1 (discontinued in June 2006) to KEY5 2015

For upgrading a site license installation, contact us by email.