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Is KEY a word processor or a learning system for Chinese?

It is both. Think of it as a CJK word processor similar to MS Word for writing teaching materials and assignments, with many learning features built in, the largest character set (25,000+) and the largest and most up-to-date C-E & E-C dictionary (300,000+ words) available.

In Chinese, new terms are created all the time - how can we stay updated?

We do not license our dictionary from others, but have our own lexicographers who are continuously updating it with new terms from the Chinese web. The new updated version is available for download free of charge as it is produced, from the "Updates" page of this website.

What are the special features of the online "talking" dictionary KEYTIP?

KEY is a full-featured word processor and authoring/learning system for CJK, with its own edit screen and C/E & E/C dictionary. KEYTIP is a separate dictionary utility that is loaded and active in the background, and works DIRECTLY in your web browser on all Chinese websites (see the KEYTIP online demo).

How does the KEY/KEYTIP dictionary handle terms that are different in the PRC and Taiwan?

As we collect our linguistic data from PRC, Taiwan, HK and international Chinese sources, our dictionary includes current terminology from Mainland China, Taiwan, and the overseas Chinese communities. Not only do we include all terms in traditional and simplified characters, but also mark the different terms in the dictionary entry as {Taiwan usage}, {PRC usage} etc.

Does the 30-day free trial version have all features?

Yes, what you download and install is the full-featured program which you can use for 30 days, free and without obligation. Whenever you decide this is what you need, you can buy it.

What are the strong points of KEY compared to other Chinese software?

These are some of them: