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Understanding Modern China through its Language and Culture

by Sheri Zhang, Ph.D.

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This book is packed with current information on Modern China. First published in 2006, it provides readers with valuable knowledge on contemporary Chinese society, language and culture. Besides language learners, this book also assists professors and administrators in understanding students from China and its neighbouring countries better, through up-to-date material on recent developments in modern China and defining China's place in the Asian cultural context. The facts mainly originate from first-hand current authentic sources and from the author's own experience and observation in today's China.

This book has two parts. The first shows how language development is linked to the recent social changes in China. The second part deals in a detailed and concrete manner with these social changes and their influence on verbal and non-verbal behaviour, with gender-specific issues, and modern Chinese culture in general. It further describes recent changes in customs brought about by political and economic factors.

The book is 8.5"x11" and has 143 pages. It is priced at US$25. Online Order Form

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